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Project Planning

ULTRYX provides a wide variety of leasing support for shopping centers such as: LOD’s for new tenants, merchandising plans, parking analysis and signage support. With the power of our software’s 3D capablities, you can view your project exactly as it would be built from the inside out. Our software can also produce stunning renderings to visualize the project with your tenants.

Merch Plans Printing/Collaborating Plans
Lease Plans Color & Black and White LOD's
Project Elevations TI Drawings

Arm your leasing staff with powerful visualiztion tools and suite analysis. Merch , Lease, and LOD plans give all the information necessary to keep your project moving along with ease. In order to have a more streamline service, ULTRYX can also do the TI/Vanilla Shell drawings of your tenant spaces. This allows us to better manage the plans associated with your project for seemless communication.

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With your ever growing business and project, making a name for yourself is crucial in the marketing world. Our team of designers can help direct and produce the style of branding you are trying to achieve in any way possible. ULTRYX can take your inital ideas and transform them into a polished final product.

Directories Digital Signs
Tenant Tracking Website Management

ULTRYX has years of experience working with commercial projects and marketing their exact needs. Using our database, we can keep track of all sorts of information about your tenants and then create a directory from it whether digital or paper.

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ULTRYX has been keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies for years now. From cameras to audio to networking, there is nothing we cannot do.

Wayfinding Low Voltage
Project Wide Audio Cameras For Security
Switches Access Control Cards

When setting up all of the operation jobs associated with your project, ULTRYX makes sure to not only get you up and running but make sure we leave no trace behind!

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